Report Finds That Many Families Are Still Struggling

By Kristi Allen October 10, 2016

The federal poverty rate is commonly regarded as inadequate for measuring the true scope of financial hardship in this country,” United Way of Western Connecticut CEO Kim Morgan said. “The ALICE report shows that the federal poverty rate is woefully inadequate to support an individual, let alone a family.”

Despite having leveled off since 2012, the number of financially insecure families in Connecticut is still growing.
“The number of households below the poverty line and the ALICE threshold is continuing to increase at a time when I think we were all starting to expect to see things getting better,” United Way ALICE Project Director Stephanie Hoopes Halpin said.

Despite recent news that the median income has increased and poverty has declined around the country, Connecticut households in poverty increased 1 percent from 2012 to 2014 and households below the ALICE threshold grew 2 percent. Thirty-eight percent of all households in Connecticut fell into one of these groups.

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