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United Way of Western Connecticut

Newtown Bee The Minimal Effect Of The Minimum Wage Hike

1/16/2015  On the other hand, even when the hourly minimum wage reaches its apex in January 2017, it will still leave workers with their heads barely above the poverty line. According to a 121-page report issued by United Way of Connecticut this past November, 51 percent of Connecticut wage earners earn less than $20 per hour, or $40,000 a year, full time. Those working poor are what the United Way report called the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, or ALICE population. What is referred to in the ALICE report as the Household Survival Budget suggests that in Newtown, where 15 percent of households fall below the ALICE threshold, a single adult would need to earn at least $10.32 per hour, full time, to afford the… Read More »Newtown Bee The Minimal Effect Of The Minimum Wage Hike

WPKN-89.5FM Business & Women: w/Fran Pastore

1/6/2015 United Way of Western Connecticut CEO Kim Morgan discusses the Connecticut ALICE Report and hard working families struggling to get by. Stream Online

RNNTV Richard French Live

11/28/2014 Kim Morgan (CEO, United Way of Western Connecticut) speaks with Richard French about the ALICE Report.