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United Way Policy Agenda

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The Connecticut United Ways support three practical and proven policies that can help build a bridge to stability for Connecticut families, our essential workforce. 2023 United Way Policy Agenda

  1. Create a permanent, fully refundable CT Child Tax Credit.
  2. Maintain the CT EITC at 41.5% of the federal rate into future years.
  3. Continue universal access to no-cost meals into future academic years.

A refundable state tax credit for families at up to $600/child for up to three children.

Both working, still struggling. Even in households with two working adults, 21% of children were living in ALICE households before the pandemic.

A refundable state of Connecticut earned income tax credit (EITC) for more than 200,000 CT low- to moderate-income workers benchmarked to the federal EITC. EITC Policy Fact Sheet

An additional $1,000 covers a month of food or a month’s worth of reliable transportation to work, school and appointments for a family of four.

Breakfast and lunch available at no-cost to all students in Connecticut public schools. No-Cost Meals Fact Sheet

Locked out of assistance. In 2021, more than 40% of ALICE children lived in households that couldn’t afford enough food: most of these families did not qualify for free/reduced price school meals or for SNAP.



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Have you heard of the Earned Income Tax Credit? If not, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars! Save the money that YOU earned by taking advantage of the #EITC. Learn more #EITCAwarenessDay:

Last year CT taxpayers received $270,000 from the federal #EITC – an average of $1,847 per person! Now imagine if the state of CT reimbursed you 41.5% of that amount!? That’s what we’re asking. You work. Now put #EITC to work for you.  Learn more at

The Office of Gov. Ned Lamont set an important goal for our state: making Connecticut the most family- friendly state in America. We agree that it’s time to take action to invest in our families. Creating a permanent, fully refundable Connecticut Child Tax Credit (CTC) of $600 per child is an important, high-impact step to support CT families.

Learn more about our advocacy from our President/CEO @Lisa Tepper Bates in the @CT Mirror at Let YOUR legislator know you support the CTC at

These nonprofits have joined together to form the Connecticut Nonprofit Child Tax Credit Coalition to advocate the state legislature for a permanent, refundable Connecticut Child Tax Credit at $600 per child for up to three children, as well for the maintenance of the Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit at 41.5% of the federal rate into future years. Join us?

What exactly IS the Child Tax Credit? Why should it matter to me? And how is it different from the Earned Income Tax Credit or other Federal refunds I might receive? If you’re confused too, listen in to our President/CEO @Lisa Tepper Bates explain it all on @WTIC1080:

Did you know that for tax year 2022, a family filing jointly with two children can earn just over $55,500 adjusted gross income to be eligible for the state Earned Income Tax Credit? Like other high cost of living states, we are asking Connecticut to prioritize state-level EITCs to provide flexible income to help families meet gaps in rent, food, childcare, transportation, medicine, and other essential household items. Join us by scanning the QR Code and signing the petition!

It’s expensive to raise a child, especially in Connecticut. That’s why Connecticut United Ways, the Connecticut Nonprofit Child Tax Credit Coalition and some lawmakers are looking to include a child tax credit in this year’s budget. Learn more at @CTNewsJunkie:

Join us! Click here to advocate for a permanent, refundable CT Child Tax Credit: