CT News Junkie United Way Says 35 Percent of Connecticut’s Households Are Struggling

by Christine Stuart, 11/17/2014 

A new report from the United Way found that about 35 percent of Connecticut households struggle to afford the basic necessities.

About 141,628 households live in poverty and another 332,817 are what the United Way is calling “Asset Limited Income Constrained, Employed” or ALICE households.

ALICE households survive on a budget that’s above the federal poverty level, but still not enough to thrive. The annual household survival budget for the average family of four in Connecticut is $64,689 and $21,944 for a single adult. The report found that a family budget that enables not just survival, but self-sufficiency is almost double the household survival budget or $111,632 for a family of four and $30,118 for a single adult.

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