EARLY ACCESS: Connecticut United Ways 2018 ALICE Report

September 2, 2018

It was four years ago when Connecticut’s United Ways first introduced ALICE in our state. ALICE is an acronym for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed – hard working people who still struggle to make ends meet. Since the release of Connecticut United Ways first ALICE Report, we have been working to “put a face on ALICE” and to lead efforts to help ALICE families achieve financial security in our communities.

The 2018 ALICE report, soon to be released, indicates that 40 percent of households in Connecticut are on a financial tightrope – up slightly (2 percent) from the 2016 ALICE Report. The new report calculates an updated “Household Survival Budget,” which amounts to $24,672 for single adults and $77,832 for two adults, an infant and a preschooler. The new ALICE report also takes a closer look at ALICE households along demographic lines, and documents trends impacting ALICE such as:

  • How differences in financial security by age, race, and ethnicity persist, creating challenges for ALICE families;
  • How technology is making some jobs obsolete and creating opportunities in other occupations;
  • How growth in the “gig” economy and on-demand employment is shifting more financial risk to workers and ALICE households.;
  • How a growing number of Americans are vulnerable to financial shocks or emergencies because they cannot save enough;
  • How the wealth-health gap in America leads to health insecurity.

ALICE lives in every city and town in Connecticut. ALICE plays by the rules and works hard in numerous occupations that we could not live without: our child care workers; our mechanics; our store clerks and office assistants; our security workers; and, home health aides. ALICE is our friend, neighbor, co-worker, and family member.

Please join Connecticut’s United Ways as we continue the dialogue around how to help more than 538,000 households who earn less than the bare minimum needed to cover the basic necessities in Connecticut.

We hope you will join us in raising awareness about ALICE, and encouraging community leaders to be part of the effort to provide opportunities for ALICE families to succeed and to thrive in our state.

Download the embargoed 2018 ALICE Update Report 

The case sensitive password is CTALICE2018

Statewide Contact:
Richard J. Porth, CEO, United Way of Connecticut
(860) 571-7501 Richard.Porth@ctunitedway.org