ALICE: The Consequences of Insufficient Household Income Report

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Making Tough Choices

ALICE makes tough choices every day. Follow this link to experience the tough choices that ALICE households face daily.


The 2016 ALICE Update Report

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EARN SaverLife Helps ALICE Save Money

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Do You Know ALICE?

As a way to focus our efforts on helping ALICE families in Connecticut and continue the conversation about helping ALICE that began at our legislative forum, we invite you to visit our virtual forum page.

We want to hear from you, and are especially interested in learning more about how help ALICE and what you think our next steps should be for helping Connecticut ALICE families. Click here to let us know.

ALICE Update – Housing

How the Cost of Housing Impacts Many Connecticut Families

This ALICE update on Housing highlights the cost of housing in Connecticut and the tremendous burden in puts on ALICE families….