Connecticut Health I-Team ALICEs: Many Working, But Struggling To Get By

by Susan Campbell 12/9/2014 

Have you met Connecticut’s ALICEs? Chances are, you have. ALICE could be the man who counts change for you in the drive-through, or the woman who drives your child’s bus to school.

Recently, Connecticut’s United Ways released a report on the state’s ALICEs – or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed residents. The report included some stark numbers, including this one: Thirty-five percent of Connecticut workers – or 474,445 households – cannot afford basics such as food, transportation, health care and housing.

“At the 16 United Ways across the state, we get a good perspective of what’s going on,” said Richard J. Porth, United Way of Connecticut’s president and CEO. “One observation we have been making in recent months and years is a growing need among working people, middle-class people who work hard but still struggle to get by.”

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