Free Money, Enrichment Scholarships Offered To Newtown ALICE Families

By John Voket April 4, 2017

Are you living in a Newtown ALICE household? If so, Newtown Social Services may have some free money for you. ALICE, as identified by United Way agencies, is Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed — basically a paycheck to paycheck household that may be one major car repair, illness, or other family crisis away from financial trouble. By technical definition, ALICE is a way of defining and understanding our families, neighbors, and colleagues (men and women) who work hard, earn above the federal poverty level, but not enough to afford a basic household budget of housing, child care, food, transportation, and health care.

The United Way ALICE Project is a collaborative effort to improve the lives of vulnerable, low-income ALICE households. Based on the overwhelming success of the research in identifying and communicating the needs of ALICE households, the project has grown from a pilot in Morris County, N.J., in 2007, to the entire state of New Jersey in 2012, and to the national level in 2014 with reports in six states representing one-quarter of the US population.

The partners in this grassroots effort are working together to give ALICE a national voice. By sharing common language and understanding, stakeholders are better equipped to tackle crucial issues for ALICE and the wider community.

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