40 percent in state can’t pay for basics

By Eric Bedner September 5,2018

More than half a million households, representing 40 percent of the state, cannot afford basic necessities, including housing and food, according to a new report from the United Way.

Connecticut’s United Way issued its report, which covers 2010, the end of the recession, through 2016 and found that despite working hard, many residents are living paycheck to paycheck and still can’t afford the basics.

“For those struggling households in Connecticut, low wages, tight budgets, and limited savings often mean making tough financial choices,” the report states. “Working parents choose between child care and healthy food for their children. Young adults juggling multiple jobs with inconsistent schedules choose between expensive rent and a long commute to work. Aging adults approaching retirement weigh whether to ignore car repairs or forgo a needed trip to the doctor.”

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