United Way launches new fundraising campaign

By Karla Santos September 14,2018

This year’s ALICE report states that in New Britain, 28,118 households are living below the basic cost of living. That number accounts for 62 percent of New Britain households and it also includes those who are living below the Federal Poverty Level.

According to the ALICE Report, in our region, a family of four with two parents, an infant and a preschooler needs to earn up to $79,000 a year just to be able to afford basics such as housing, transportation, healthcare, food, child care, technology and utilities.

For New Britain, the numbers have stayed the same since the last report came out, two years ago.

“For families here in our region, housing and childcare makeup more than 50 percent of their survival budget,” Cook said.

The money raised through the ALICE Fund is going to support programs and services that have a direct impact on qualifying families’ household budget.

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