CT United Way’s ALICE Report shows pandemic exacerbates existing hardship

By Kevin Wilhelm September 14, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived this year, more than one-third of Connecticut residents already were struggling to make ends meet. It goes without saying that this pandemic has certainly not made things any easier.

As an update to the 2018 ALICE report, Connecticut United Ways look at ALICE (asset limited, income constrained employed) individuals and families to gauge who falls into this population, especially vulnerable to homelessness and financial insecurity.

The new report concludes that before the pandemic’s onset, 38 percent of Connecticut households lacked the income to pay for necessities such as housing, food, child care, health care, technology and transportation. That number includes those families living at or below the federal poverty level (FPL) and the 27 percent who live above the FPL but below the basic cost of living threshold.

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