Many in state, Stamford, Greenwich struggling just to get by

By Tatiana Flowers September 7, 2020

In Stamford, by many measures a thriving, growing city, 43 percent of the population is struggling to get by — or doing even worse.

In Greenwich, overall one of the wealthiest communities in the nation, 29 percent of residents are just making it, or have fallen into poverty.

Statewide, 38 percent of Connecticut residents are struggling or in poverty. Those are the figures in the recently released 2020 ALICE report, the assessment released by the United Way every two years to measure need in the state and its communities. ALICE, or Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, is used to describe individuals
and families who earn an income above the federal poverty level but below a basic cost of living. Often, it means they earn too much to qualify for many benefits, but struggle to make ends meet.

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