Need Financial Guidance? TrustPlus Can Help


When so much of life is uncertain, the greatest concerns for many involve personal finances. Now, Connecticut residents who need help dealing with creditors, finding resources, or managing their money have access to TrustPlus, a free virtual or telephone financial coaching program brought to you by ALICE Saves and Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners.    Neighborhood Trust, a New York-based non-profit organization, has provided expert financial guidance for low-to-moderate-income Americans for 25 years. TrustPlus, its financial coaching service, provides one-on-one support for clients, delivered online and by phone. TrustPlus combines a human connection with action-oriented tools. Its goal is to help people solve short-term financial challenges in a confidential, non-judgmental setting.   

All the information shared with TrustPlus coaches is 100% confidential. You can be confident that your information will not be shared with anyone. 

How TrustPlus Can Help 

Some of the areas in which coaches can provide assistance include: 

Day-to-Day Money Management TrustPlus financial coaches help their clients take control of their money so that they are less stressed and better able to focus on their jobs. 

Emergency Funds and Loans Coaches help you save money over time to cover emergencies, which can help you reduce your use of loans or avoid negatively affecting your retirement balances. If an emergency savings does not exist or is not enough, TrustPlus’ financial coaches can help you look at all possible options. 

Student Loans and Credit Card Debt TrustPlus financial coaches are experts on debt management and repayment strategies that allow clients to feel in control of their debt — not overwhelmed by it. 

Preventing Payday Loans — When your savings are insufficient, a financial coach can help you find a more affordable alternative—often through a local financial institution or an online lender. Avoiding payday loans can significantly reduce the stress of high-interest debt. 

How To Sign Up 

Visit Click the button “Sign Up” and select the Neighborhood Trust Budget Coach you prefer. Choose the best time within the next few days to speak with your coach by phone or Skype for 30 minutes. Take advantage of FREE lifetime access to financial coaching.