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United Way to provide more financial literacy services to area’s neediest

By Mackenzie Rigg October 13, 2016

For several years, the United Way of Western Connecticut has provided financial literacy classes to the region’s neediest residents to help them get on their feet. In an effort to expand these services, the United Way created its “Financial Opportunity Center,” which has partnered with three area social service agencies to deliver more financial literacy courses and budget coaching throughout the region. Grants totaling $74,000 were awarded to three nonprofits — $15,000 to The Bridge to Independence and Career Opportunities (TBICO) in Danbury; $39,000 to the Women’s Business Development Council and $20,000 to the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, both in Stamford.

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Study shows many Norwalk families live paycheck to paycheck

By Rob Ryser and Kaitlyn Krasselt October 10, 2016

The formula of hard work and fortitude that has helped generations of Americans achieve their dreams is not working for hundreds of thousands of families in Connecticut. The reason: the rising cost of living is outrunning wages in western Connecticut and across the state at such a pace that 27 percent of working families now live paycheck to paycheck, without being able to afford basic necessities, according to a study released Sunday by the United Way. Combined with the 11 percent of Connecticut households that the federal government defines as living in poverty, the new figures show that 38 percent of families across the state cannot make ends meet.

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Number of working poor increasing

By Mike Patrick October 9, 2016

Ten years ago, Donna McCullouch had a decent job at IBM and a rented house in Watertown where as a single mother she raised her 12-year-old son. When IBM downsized, McCullouch was laid off. The company invited her to apply for any other position it had open, but without a college degree, she qualified for none. She applied for job after job, with little luck.

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